Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Time flies without me noticing. And right now it is time for me to shift again. I will be going off to the suburb of Tokyo, a place which looks more like a backdated Boonlay area. Sigh....

Anyway, sorry for being away and not replying to any messages. Was actually busy packing the stuff I have. I will be in for another few days of unpacking this coming weekend. Arghh!!!

Oh ya, obviously my address will be changed. So if you need to know, email me and I will let you know in the reply. But the handphone number is still the same!

Chinese New Year is coming....I have to thank my mum for sending me tons of 3-in-1 coffee/tea etc and Chinese New Year goodies.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Nikko Part 2 - Snow

I stayed at this lodge which is ran by a couple in their own home. Very nice place and feel so warm and cosy.

A Jaguar Bicycle....hmmm....

I made a trip up to the moutains to check out the sights.

Something necessary for a place where it snows very often.

The gloomy skies does not make things look good for a newbie snow moutain trekker.

I just had to make a snowman

The sun being smothered by the snow

So much snow, they had to pile them up into heaps.

The moutain with a little more sun.

Kegon Waterfall

I trekked into the marsh. Falling and slipping on the icy floors.

I even did my first cross country skiing. Either I am doing it wrongly, or it is really tiring. And obviously I fell.

I really wished I had a better camera with a good lens and probably a tripod. There were lots of ice formation and shadows to play with.

This may not look deep, but I was actually in knee deep

After all that walking and freezing, I went to the onsen. Ahhh....onsen. I even had the open air kind, where I soak in 43 degree water and looking out at the snowy views. A beer will reallyhave top it all off.

On my way back to Tokyo...2 .5 hours in the train.