Tuesday, 28 October 2008


I sat down after planning 50% of my solitary backpack trip in Japan. The one I have been meaning to do for sanity reasons. The one where I walk and reflect, be emo and all.

Not even planning to, not knowing why, I searched for the tickets to Singapore. I bulked at the price, further solidifying my decision to go back on Chinese New Year instead.

Something tugged me, unknow reasons floating in my head.
I sent an email to my sis and asked if I should fly back, but alas - it was a public holiday; no reply.

I was up early today. I searched and the price going against the current market situation, went up further up.

I clicked 'submit'.

"Why do you pay so much?", someone asked and many more will.
Was it home sick? No

Can you put a monetary value to family? No.

And that is why like the song goes.....
"I will be home for Christmas...."

Saturday, 18 October 2008


I was looking for my sports shop to get some racket grips and actually got lost. Found this shop selling bread called Sunmerry. They have a fire baked oven to toast the bread. And I am a sucker for such things. Hahaha.

Sweet Potato bread....

Mustard french loaf which was nicely done! Will be going back for more!

On a side note, I finally got some tennis action with the people from my workplace. Really nice to be back hitting. Almost forgot the feeling after 2months of no tennis. Hope there is more.

The Kit Kat continues

Red bean Kit Kat...the story continues.

Ah boy terrorises Tokyo

Another friend from my Police days came to Tokyo and I met him for dinner. Ah Boy (Yap)...dont think he looks like a sweet little kid, but I bet he terrorised tokyo. He even stayed at Shinjuku, where all the Touch clubs, host clubs, strip joints are. He sure knows how to enjoy.

The next Generation

Ian Yeo, my first newphew

The Lai Sisters - Ana, Dane, Aly, my neices.

Boy do I miss them!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

There is always a first

Welcome to earth, IAN YEO!

The first guy in his generation - my first newphew!

Congratulations to the parents! Wish I could be there to say Hi!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Last minute trip to Oshima (大島) for a Dive trip. It is pretty darn far but very worth it. I saw many firsts and the water is nice. But it is about 23deg in the water.

Dinner at a small Izakaya which was pretty decent for the amount we eat.

I swear this ROCKS!

I was just posing with the bottles. Did not drink.

The chicken drumstick is darn delicious

Pig trotters....this is the first I see in Japan

See....my friends were drinking, not me.

My friend lit the mosquito coil before we went to the onsen and.... check out the smoky room.

It was freezing in the morning. Almost made me give up diving.

The diving place has a log house for resting which I like so much.

This was pretty nice!

Spooky Ghost house...

Little island needs tons of break waters

Check up the nice large bottle of sake.

Big fat and delicious

Horse sashimi! Delicious

I have no idea what is this. Found this at the window

Looks and taste really Chinese. But the Japanese eat the fisheyes, I meant they even eat the white ball. Made me eat it too, actually it is pretty tasteless.

Home made potato chips which was absolutely finger licking good

No.....I did not drink it.

Jet ferry which is faster because it actually skims on the water
Typical shopping street in Japan.

Uronya Italian Restaurant

On the way back from a last minute trip, I went to the same restuarant my Japanese friends found at Odawara which we thought was pretty decent.

Octopus salad which make us more hungry.

Mushroom cream spaghetti which is YUMMY!
Create your own pizza from 4-5 ingredients. Boy was it tasty!

Nicely done chicken with a dash on vinegar and olive oil.

Seafood risotto, filled with a fresh tomatoe taste aroma.