Saturday, 11 August 2007

The Preparation

The suits and ties...

Airplane check-in. Slazenger luggage; pretty darn good.

Air freight. Gosh so many things and so little space.
See the essentials? The tennis racket and the fins.

Come to think of it, I do have alot of clothes.

I need plenty of formal wear.

Thank god my sis room is empty. I took over the whole place to let the mover see what I have. It is a good time to clear my closet. A clean slate....

Friday, 10 August 2007

And so it begins

I made a decision to accept a job offer to work in Japan some time back. Please stop your wowing and thinking I am going to be an expat. I am not. Will be eployed as a Japanese employee, which means I get same benefits, pay etc as a fresh graduate. I am underpaid and as many people will know, the japs are slave drivers. The measly pay will be just enough to survive in the high cost of living in Japan without giving me much savings. Not to mention I don't get CPF and any expat benefits like free lodging and free airtickets back to Singapore.

Many people have asked me why, why I decided to go overseas to work. Some of them gave me a look which can only equate to "I don't get it, why not work in Singapore? What about your family, friends and her".

So Why?

With the current good market, I can seriously get better offer in Singapore. I did have much much better offers. The money offered was so good I was wondering if they got the right person. It is not about the pay and as I said, I really get paid peanuts. Money is not everything. I agree you need some to enjoy life. But I don't want to take a job which I am not interested. I don't want a job which I drag my feet and feel unchallenged. At this MNC, I get to deal with cutting age technology implementation. I went for a tour and it really made me want to be part of it. And the best part is at least the job is inline with my interest with opportunites to divert to other division.

Is it the name of the company? The brand? Maybe, but if some other smaller company were to offer me an equally interesting job scope, I would have taken it.

I do not want to specialise in a field so fast. Like entering a networks company will most likely stamp my future in that line unless I want to leave. I decided this job scope has plenty of areas I can choose and learn. Hopefully by 2 years I can decide what I want to really do.

Plenty of engineering experience can be gained, which is what I want. Not a banking job with big bucks, maybe not now. Right now, I want to utilise what I have learned in the past 4 years. I want to see for myself and get my hands dirty.

The Japs are well known to be slave drivers. But it will be a good experience for me. I have always wanted to travel or go overseas to do something for a period of time. I never had the chance, even when I did, I never taken it due to financial situations.

How about the language? I guess that is one of the biggest concern. I am having intensive lessons sponsored (not really cause I have bond for it). I am the worst person when it comes to language and memory work. I am not lying when I say that I am struggling. It is never easy, slowly slowly.

The major concern is family. I have always placed them top of the list even though sometimes I don't show it. Especially since my mum will be alone (dad is working overseas and sis has her own family). I asked my mum to think about it and my decision will be her decision. I told her to think carefully as this is not the same as me being in NTU hostel. She was very supportive, I guess it is also because she always thought a person should be working. My mind will always be with them, my family, even my aunties, uncles and cousins. They are all dear to me and a part of my heart will leave Singapore with saddness that I will never get to see them often. Ultimately is whether you are willing to step out of your comfort zone. I am glad to say, I did it.

Her. I don't really talk about her, but that does not mean she is not important. It is just how I want to handle things to do with her. I have learnt a lot, but I still feel unsettled. From what I heard from friends, from what I have been through. I guess I will feel comfortable to touch on the subject in time to come.

You can see it as stupidity, taking a low paying job away from family and firends. You can say I am selfish as I want to satisfy my own career. But I see it as an opportunity. Everyone needs to make decision in life. I have weighed the pros and cons and made mine.