Tuesday, 23 February 2010

ZAO snowboarding

Took us a long long time to get to this rope way which brought us up to.....


Army of Winter Tree Warriors

-11.7 degrees...windchill is worst

HELP ME!!!!! I am getting eaten!!!

Capt in the snow


Very very tired...

Munching Snow Monsters

Tilt your head right and watch this video.
The Snow monster is munching me!

My first real attempt at the park

I have always been a big fan of riding the powder snow and not really into jumps and tricks. I just think the latter will get my injured sooner or later. But as an avid boarder, it will dawn upon you that you will have to try it some day. Here is my first real try at it.

Now I am pretty addicted, need to start looking for a helmet!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Wacoal Mens

Did you know Wacoal made Men's under garment? Click here to see the website!

I sure did not know that, only found out when I accidentally walked into it. It has various types which ranges from butt enhancing to flattening of the stomach. They even have one which hides the underwear lines. And yes....they are for MEN!

Since there was a sale, I got the butt enhancing and one which provides good movement. I wonder if it really works *checks butt against mirror*

Some misc food

One of the Nicer Dan dan men around my area.

I got this from Hokkaido...Limited edition Orange Liquor flavoured Rare Chocolate.

This is my favourite. Although I don't really like Japanese Whiskey, this Rare Chocolate is very good.

Orange/Vanilla flavoured stout! YUM

Gay Street in Tokyo

This is what you will see in Shinjuku 2 Chome.

Dragon men at work!


Fugu is also known as the Poisonous Blow Fish. A delicacy for some, deadly for others!

Starter....Fugu Skin.

Fugu Sashimi, Springy texture.

Tasty springy fried Fugu. YUM!

The meet up after so long

The hot pot which was pretty darn good.

Shime...which means the ending dish.

Sorry, but I have to eat u!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

First Snow

Happy Birthday Val

Spin me right round baby right round

Leaving your trails

Hang with me

Too Hot

Together in here

Mr. Moon

White Mountains

Birthday Dinner

Really cosy place.

I like the lamp....