Monday, 31 March 2008

The Riches

Recently I have been watching this new show that I stumbled upon - The Riches. And it rocks. The plot, the pace and even the opening has this funky graphic cartoon. Life is pretty boring when I have finished with my dose of CSI, HEROES, PRISON BREAK, UGLY BETTY, 24, 30 ROCK etc.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Japanese Baby

Kid of a guy I am playing tennis with now.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Sakura 2008 - Kichioji

What is comfort food for you? For me, it is Macdonalds....
Anyway, since everyone was busy or late, on advice from a Japanese, I decided to make my way to inokashira kouen at Kichioji. Making my way there I found superman`s bike. This place is huge, they have an area for food, another big area for shopping and also the park. Apparently coming on a normal sunday, you can find a mad guy reading comics for you with all the expression you can find.

Imagine starting school seeing Sakura trees and having the petals fall on you.
It was so busy...people had to queue for a parking place for their bicycle
Not only the photographers are out, the artists were also out in full force.

Soy sauce yaki dango.
This will great you if you come at the right timing when the Sakura is at full bloom.
Pretty romantic eh. Plus the weather was a cool 15deg I guess.

In a corner, you can find a temple.

Even the turtle is out enjoying the sakura.

Hanami is where the people gather to admire the Sakura while eating and drinking. Mainly the drinking I think. You will probably find drunk people, singing and dancing. And any spot you think you can sit, there is some mat on it.
The fight for the best place is so hot, people come the day before...this is what happen when you forget your mat.

Sporeans use tissue papaer. They just paste a note. You know it is a big this when the bins are 3 huige containers.

Not sakura, but this was a very interesting find.

One thing I like about Japanese senior citizens are that they are very active. They do photography, whip out their handphones to surf and take pictures, climb moutains, go shopping with their grandchild and even have styling comments. And todays best find was someone doing video.

Sakura 2008 - Kunitachi

I woke up early and decide to go check out this place which was know to have MANY MANY sakura trees along the road. Since it is very near and on the way, I went to check it out.

How long? So long I gave up halfway. It just kept going and going

Other flowers beside Sakura

No it is not overexposed. I did it on purpose. Was trying to get the 70s feel to it (The photos love to play with the backlight then)

I will like to add it is a pain to take Sakura pics, the trees are usually too high for a shorty like me. And the crowd is insane. That is why there is not many good shots ard