Monday, 18 January 2010

Heart Melt

My sis posted this message on facebook to me....

Angelia Yeo From your lovely neices...
Ana : " I Love you!! I want to give u a present. Flying hugz and flying kiss..."
Dane : " Lots of hearts and a bear to you, some friends go and see u"
Aly : " Happy Birthday!"

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tohuku Trip 2009 - 2010

Tohoku (東北) is just below Hokkaido, which also means it is very cold over there. Adding to the fact that the snow fall this year has been amazing (when snowboarding), terrifying (When not snowboarding). There was plenty of nice white scenery, but I was too cold to actually go into a photography mode. Thus I bring you a mixture of story telling and whole lots of photoshop effects (Learning how to play with the more advance features)

We hit 厳美渓 as our first stop and half way towards the goal, it started to drizzle. Cold cold start.

I always liked how Ansel Adams made any picture look good, especially in BW.

A little of snow, a little of rain.

The snow capped rocks and the green lake was truly a sight for a Singaporean who has lived the last 26 yrs of his life in heat.

猊鼻渓is a place where you can take a slow boat ride while eating your lunch.

Tell me that does not look like one of those arty cams.

The place is pretty prone to flooding I guess. Check out how high it went?

Oden is comfort food during winter - for me at least.

I always wanted to try one of these.

My sister is a big fan of hello kitty, thus this picture.

Just to show you how serious my friend is about Snowboarding...he has a protector. And recently he purchased a helmet too. Maybe I should get one too.

Yakuza stance.

Early morning we set off for Appi Kogen - King of hills

Envisioning a picture and trying to capture one is totally different story.

I seriously found these rows of trees amusing

We found a place near the hotel serving pipping hot home cooked meal.


The car was a tiny bit small for 6 of us, but we managed to squeeze everything in.

A small train station in the middle of the mountains.

Bento Dinner...

The problem with travelling during winter in snowy areas is most of the areas are closed due to snow. I really did not foresee such a problem, but we made do with what we had.

I think this is my first time seeing a windmill up close.

Squid Ink ramen!

Road closure after a long drive...lucky we had huge grape to keep us entertained.

See how thick the snow accumulated to?

The northern-est point of Japan (Excluding Hokkaido). Wind was so strong, no snow but I swear it was the coldest.

Beautiful evening skies.

Wrecked boat always almost makes good photography subjects

This place is known for Tuna fishing

Not smiling at all...too cold.

Funny picture of the difference in Tripod size

Snow snow snow

Small room for the 3 of us.

Stopped along the way for some pictures.

So this is how standing on cracked ice feels like....

On the way to Towada Lake, we stopped at various places to capture the serenity of the snowy forest

It is VERY dangerous driving on snowy roads. I probably saw 4-5 of such accidents.

Wind from one side....

Snow cap!

A different sight - Snowy temples.

Danger! Do not climb!

Knee high snow.

Where are the stairs?

New Year Party....