Sunday, 28 September 2008

My once a month indulgence

Once a month I meet up with my friends from training for a 2-3 hours drinking session. It gets alittle expensive in addition to other drinking sessions I have with other people. But It is nice to catch up with them and....there are other incentives too, it you know what I am talking about *twiddles thumbs*.

Dinner with the Dive peeps

Went to have dinner at a Miyazaki (Kyushu) restaurant with my diving kakis over here in Japan. The meal was good, but a tad expensive. Good company and many first time dishes for me.

Saw this chicken dish in a guide book when I went to Kyushu, wanted to try it but Miyazaki was really too far.

Chicken Sashimi, I was pretty worried as raw chicken is not really my thing, but this was actully pretty good.

I like this dish because I can really taste the freshness of the food. It came in a bamboo box where they steam it for about 10mins.

You pour the cold sesame stock into the rice and eat this dish. Pretty good once you get use to cold main dish (pretty normal in Japan).

Just a note to add, the average temperature here is about 18-20 deg now. Have to start layering real soon.

Saturday, 27 September 2008


I finally decided I need some travel time out alone and I decided to go to Shimokitazawa (下北沢) which is like a place where tourists do not go and the Japanese crowd is passionate about.

On the way here on the internal Keio line, I saw Hello Kitty telling you to becareful of the door.

It is a maze here, I seriously do not know how to navigate the area. It almost felt like a cheaper version of Jiyugaoka but with a lot more to offer, less dessert shops. This is as quaint as it can be in Japan. One side of the train station, there are tons of little shops, tons of shopping.
You know the photos don`t do justice here, you have to make a trip there to feel the difference from the touristy place. You dont find the weird cosplays etc, but it still is a fun place to go.

The other side of the station, it becomes alittle more like the Tokyo City. A lot more food places, but at least you get specialise shops. Nothing like those chain restaurants.

Found a nice icecream shop.

on a Biscuit cup!

If you explore it further, you will find lots of pubs and places with live music. Lots of places for bands to jam too. Will like to come back here to check out the pubs.

My friend says....

My friend says this pictures tells alot. What do you see in that?

It says "Ansley is screwed! When steps into his room after a day out, the first thing he does (without taking off his jacket) is to take out his whisky"


A BIG thank you to Lyn for my new wallet! Nice suprise and Loving it!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Wing Kit terrorizing Tokyo

Wing kit came to Tokyo on a stopover and I brought him to my favourite sushi place which is value for money. Check out the Ootoro in the background, it is HEAVEN.

Brought Kit to Meji Temple at Harajuku.

The walk in is long, it is suppose to clear your head before enter the shrine,

We caught traditional Shinto Shrine marriage.

We even caught a Hello Kitty cosplay! haha! It was pretty good since there was not much cosplay out today. Not too sure why, but I guess the news with typhoon kept them home.

Yoyogi park with all the people doing their own thing.

I found my dream car...HUMMER H2

This is a art house in Harajuku. Pretty Wicked

Saw some cool cars at Omotesendo.

Dinner was at Shinjuku, KOMEN! One of the better Chain Ramen shops around.

Took a picture with Wingkit outside a shop which I once thought it was free internet shops. But it was actually a place to find all the Bars and etc.

A Prymaid watermelon!

Kitty wanted to try an onsen so we decided to go to the one at Okutama. I have not stepped into that place yet as I thought autumn will be the best time to go. But boy this place is AMAZING.

A short 10mins walk to the onsen, a little small but there is a open air onsen!

Wanted to bring Kit to the place which serves hugh portions of donburi, but it was not open. We manage to find a nice place which serves pretty good soba.
Headed to the land of Otakus and geeks...just a place for Wingkit - Akihabara.

They even have a map and information system (touch screen) on the vending machine.
Dinner was my favourite place at my area. They served me a really weird looking starting dish which ermm....

And that marks the end of Kit in Tokyo. He saw the main points of Tokyo I think. He showed his true Otaku self in Japan! I am sure he will settle perfectly here.