Sunday, 29 March 2009

Love at first sight

The things I do...

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Joe Birthday 2009

Happy Birthday to Joe...

We had Korean food which was good, but expensive

Global Recruitment Party 2009

3 different batches of the global recruitment met for a night of drinks.

More different food

Sausage flavour chips which tasted normal.

Mc Hotdog, in support of the Japan Baseball Team (Samurai Japan). And they won the WBC.

Monthly Drinks

I have a monthly drinking session with my friends from training. A few was not here, but we carried on the tradition of drinking, chatting and bitching about work.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Happy Birthday Princess Ana

Happy Birthday my dearest Ana. 4 years and many more to come.
And soon your prince will come to sweep you off your feet.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

A walk around Harajuku

The global peeps were having a get together near Harajuku so I had a walk around there.

I found a group of people doing a demostration. It was different unions coming together to try improve their working life.

H&M made a big entrance into Tokyo and it is still very crowded.

Tokyo Girls Show is the big fashion event which is held. The queue was maddness. I did not purposely go there, but we actually stumbled into it.
99% girls, 1% guys. 90% of the girls are all dressed up.

The queue is really maddness

Afro photographer! I did not really take much photos cause I thought that it was not very nice. Like a pervert. But you all can check out the link.

The ends of Harajuku had a playground in the middle of the road.

Wild Health....Be Safe, I see ahhh

Enlarge it and read the signs. Funny series.

One of the funky shops. The pain of shopping here, you have to walk all the corners to find the shops

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Dominic in Japan

My brother in law dropped by Tokyo for a short holiday. It was exceptionally cold when he arrived, so I brought him to eat sukiyaki. Yummy!

It was my first time too, usually I will eat shabu shabu. But it was a still good, good quality meat.

We went to Akihabara for a visit too.

Otaku is the making...

Nope....already one. We visited the maid cafe, it was the 2nd time for me within 4 days.
Singaporeans watch too much JapanHour. One of the few requests was to go to a nice onsen. I had to ask around and search for one which was actually pretty good. Very nice open air onsen. style

I imparted my limited okonomiyaki skills and we talked about business opportunities over dinner! haha

Ahhh...the famous icon from Osaka.

My usual hangout in Shibuya...delicious sushi.
Check out the Ootoro (premium tuna belly)
Winter food = Oden (And Sweet Potato)

I found this very nice sweet. Tinge of saltiness with vanilla and the insides are filled with a chocolate mix which oozes out.

Check out the amout of snacks we bought!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Experiencing more of Tokyo

Met up some friends for a walk around Tokyo. We went to a Thai restaurant called "Bang Saen", sounds like Bang Sai?

We went to 御茶ノ水(Ochiyanomizu) which has a whole street of shops selling music related stuff. It is the Akihabara for musicians.

Just down the road is a street selling sports related goods. Like Queensway, but only many times bigger. From the big department stalls to the small individual shops, any sports stuff can be found here.
I found a racket that I used when I first tried tennis. And the set in the case actually belongs to one of the William sisters.
We then headed down to Akihabara for the main highlight of the day. Check out the cosplay singing session going on.

We had to queue up in the stairs to get in. It was maddness.

Get in where you ask? Presenting my virgin trip to a maid cafe. I went to @home Maid cafe which is arguably one of the popular ones in Tokyo. It ranges 4 different floors, each with a different theme - from Kimono, to maids.
What do you do in a cafe with waitresses dress up as maids? Well, for starters...they greet you as "Master...Welcome home" in their cutesy voices. If you order omelete rice, they will draw cute pictures on it with ketchup. We got the special cocktail and the maid will shake it infront of us while saying things like "Moe Moe, Shake Shake, ......." And you have to repeat after it. They will even toss your spaggetti with chants like "moe moe furi furi oishi....." which you join in too of course. It is hard to explain what goes on, you just have to go in to experience it yourself. You can pay to play games, take pictures with the maids. My favourite is actually to see the Otakus in there, they actually have a whole file of pictures they took with the maids. (Click on the links to read more abt the stuff)

And finally I was in the club...I have a membership card.

The maid wrote in a cute manner my name. Oh ya, you need 2000 entries to get a black membership card. You think that it is difficult? I saw a few people carrying it, but they are usally the ones with a file of the maid pictures and seemed to know the maids.
I am overwhelmed. Shocked, suprised, amazed at what I just experienced. Lost for words.