Thursday, 27 November 2008

More food

There are nothing else to do after 1 year here. So all I do is gorge! And yeah, I am growing fat!

Nothing special to me, but in Japan this is different. I prefer the Milk Seafood though.

This came at a bargin, one for like 40yen. Just wanted to try a milk yougart.

And if you are wondering why all the milk, cause I dont really like to drink fresh milk (They dont have flavoured milks). So only milk chocolates, cheese and milk ice cream.

It is here....

Check out the Limited Edition watches I got today! Astro Boy and Speed Racer designs...

Pretty expensive. Cost a few hundred bucks.

Oh by the way, did I tell you those are not mine. I cant afford such luxury.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Come and go

Autumn came and gone without me noticing.
I forgotten how beautiful the colours were.
Neglected to take a step back to see the beauty.

I think I have lost the believe in everything.
Like a walking dead, I just let time go by.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The snacks from Japan

限定 means Limited Edition. And this is what Japan snacks/drinks is all about. They have editions for almost every season.

Beers for the season.

Pepsi Yougart flavour. I have no idea how to describe the taste of it, but drinkable. And Pepsi in Milky White is just so different.

Apparently this is out last winter. And this Winter too. Not that bad, but I was expecting more as the pictures lured me (something not very difficult)

And last but not least, Seasonal Fruits. Pear is actually an early autumn fruit, but it is still tasty. Check this one out - as BIG as my fist. And it is sweet, juicy and a tinge of alcohol taste. Nice!!!
Oh ya, it is winter already in Tokyo. Averaging at 8 deg at night. Brrrrr

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Cool designs

Cool Webpage by Toshiba.

I am not trying to promote anything, but I just thought the webpage is pretty nice. Play around with it and try to see how much work the people behind it (not me) put it.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

My growing addictions and a little test

And so it seems I am a sucker for marketing gimmicks. With all the different limited flavours which comes and goes (usually depending on the seasons), how can you not right?

From Vitamin Coke to flavoured coffees.

Japan Kit Kat
I went a step further, I went to research on Kit kat in Japan! Seems there are alot more I have not tried.

And recently, I bought DARS. It has this temperature sticker which tells you if your chocs are stiff hard (below 19deg), just right(ard 22deg) or soft(abv 25deg)
I bought the milk, white and dark flavours and conducted a "scientific" test. Standing outside in the 10deg weather, I watited for the weather to change the colour of the stickers before I ate the chocs. To nuetralise the taste test, between each type of flavour, I drank some tasting Vegetable Juice Liquor (seems healthy to me).
I proceeded to my room and conducted the 22deg taste test. Had to resort to using my jacket to bring the temp up. And then I placed DARS beside the heater to get it to above 25deg.

Results of the taste test.... I think the veg liquor is pretty drinkable. haha! Makes you feel good drinking alcohol.
DARS test proof to be pretty good from my point of view. I like the white chocolate best and it is pretty cheap, abt 100yen. It seems to melt at a nice rate in my mouth.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Drinks in Japan

Ginger Beer, literally. And sad to say, it was not too good

7% Alcohol Beer. But its the fake cheap beer, so not that tasty.

3G Sprite. Green Tea Caffeine, Glucose, Gurana. Taste the same to me!

One thing about Japan is the different amount of drinks they have and it keeps changing every season. And it makes suckers like me buy. DAmn you effective marketing, damn you! But it is pretty interesting to have menthol coffee, yougurt pepsi and I even heard there was a time they have cucumber flavoured pepsi.