Saturday, 29 December 2007

Wishing everyone earlier....

I will be off for a holiday over the New Year, so I will like to wish everyone early....


Thursday, 27 December 2007

Merry Xmas 2007 - Presents and more

Christmas, it is a season I love most. The atmosphere and the yearly family gathering. Even as I grow older, the presents no longer being of importance; I still treasure this time as it is almost like a family tradition. A time where I meet with my family and we eat, talk and just hang out.

Well, being away always brings the inside me out. I guess I will really like to thank my family for everything. They have made me who I am today (minus the bad side - not so many right?). They have always been there for me in their own way. Thanks....

I think is my 2nd time I spent it away from home, the first time being on the plane from USA back home. This time I am in Japan where they don't have a Xmas holiday but they have all the decorations and cake. More retail then anything. And since it is Japan, it is common to see this...

I have quite a number of presents this year. The book and stickers are from my Japanese Teacher and a scarf from a good pal which I thought really look good, love the colours. I bought another scarf for myself just to increase the present count. I also got a nice package of socks and underwear (weirdly, the packaging had Jap words) back from home (not in pictures as already put into use).
I webcammed with my family on Xmas day, coinciding with the party. It was really good to see everyone's face. I chatted and updated in person. I guess I did feel a little home sick then. (Though the worst was the webcam some time ago when Anastasia said 'I miss u', I could have dropped everything and flew home') And being the 'evil' family, they knew I was craving for some home cooked food and local delights. The actually brought it to the webcam to show it to me. My granny's curry, ngo hiang, chicken wings, my neighbour's pineapple tarts etc. Not necessary, but good to have don't you think?

As usual, some food I tried recently. This is a gift from Nagoya which I thought was pretty good as the biscuit melts immediately.

Sendai's treats from my friend. This taste different from what I expected. The rice was soft and the ocha in the middle oozes out. Very nice!

My sensei passed us a box of colourful sweets from Kyoto. Looks good, taste ok. But the best ones were the sugar coated ones on the bottom left. It has some form of jelly in the middle. Interesting texture and taste.

Well, I guess this sums up this year's Xmas. If you ask me what do I really want, I would say 2-in-1 strong coffee from Singapore. I miss my Sugarless, thick coffee. Japan's coffee is really mild, no matter what versions I tried. I also miss the 3-in-1 milk tea, same reason too. Sad to say, I never mastered how to make a good cup of milo, those you get from the Milo trucks during Sports day. Thus, I miss my instant milo too. It is really the little things which makes the difference. Oh well...


Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Christmas Part 4 - Shibuya

The famous Shibuya Dog all decked up for Christmas.

A group of riders in Santa dressing. This is why Japanese rock, they do the weirdest thing and everyone loves it.

We went for Steam boat which brought me back to Singapore. Herbal soup which has spicy side and the normal side. Really taste good....

Christmas Part 3 - Shidome

On my way to Shidome, I was on a PACKED train. Check out the Santa, there are quite a few around in Tokyo and they are not working.

I took this funny earring, not of anyone; but is my friend's! Hahaha.

This clock rocks. It plays some music and actions.
Some photos around the area, not too sure the exact name though.

This pao just makes me want to laugh.

The Xmas light hunting gang.

More weird stuff.

This place is the best! The pictures does not do it justice. It beats any decoration you get in Singapore. There is a light display with music and even bubbles.

The best photo I took of the night, my friend is holding the moon. Very surreal eh.

Christmas Part 2 - Odaiba

Finally I made it to Odaiba and of course the first thing I did was to get some ramen. There was fair going on where different stores gather at Odaiba. I tried this miso ramen with a black base soup. Uniquely good, I really don't know how to explain the taste.

There is a poster to teach me how to eat it the proper way.
The Japs like to put rice into the remainder soup and eat. It is like a dessert.

This is my first time see charcol in the water. Apparently it is suppose to make it taste better, taste normal to me.

Dino outside Aquacity
Ultraman.....and then this cute fellow...

Various lightings of the rainbow bridge.

On the way out of Odaiba.