Sunday, 17 May 2009

Random Videos from the Kyushu holiday

The live lobster meal
The noodles coming down from the bamboo

Kyushu, Miyazaki

Miyazaki Town hall. So why is it so famous? It is because the person running the place is also a celeb. It is almost like your MP is Fann Wong or something like that.

He has been out promoting Miyazaki as a tourist spot as this place is like a village. And thus his face is plastered everywhere

We thought because this is a village, no one will be here. But apparently I was wrong. The advertisement is working eh.

Lunch was friend chicken with special sauce, which is a well known dish around this area.
That was Sky's lunch.

Dessert was Mango Ice cream. Tropical fruits are famous here because of the hot weather. But they are really expensive. It cost about 10 times more expensive here. Like any place in Japan, there is a queue

Diced shaped watermelon

I walked past a shop which looks too high class for a village.

Dinner was Lobster sashimi from a live lobster. It was still moving after they cut it. Just like the Squid I had in Saga.

The made soup with the head after you are done playing with it.

One of the recent hit is the meat onigiri.
After the whole day of food shown above, I took the bet for 2 cans of beer. Finish 8 donuts before 12 and I will can have it for free.
Along the way....
Guess what, I did it! Say no to donuts!

I had a shrimp flavoured ice cream too. It was..ermm...shrimpy?

I am not kidding when I say that his face is EVERYWHERE

This was very fun. The shopkeeper will release the noodle from the top of the bamboo, and you are suppose to catch it and then eat it.

Lunch along the drive. Very nice lunch I might add.

Very beautiful gorge where people can row along. Great place, but tough as hell to get there.

Sumo training ground infront of a temple.

Village = Rice padi fields

The Kyushu staple food. The chicken which is famous in Miyazaki. Horse sashimi from kumamoto.

I like this temple, situated along the sea, very nice feel to it. Almost like Australia I think.

The temple is in the rocks. So you have to queue to go in.

You can buy clay pebbles to throw for luck.

Interesting place we went, but we waited quite a bit to get into the carpark. So long, a kid had to take a pee

Touching his stomach apparently gives you more money.

Guess who I saw again?

Costal drives are always ncie.

Buy some shells to throw or you can buy strings to tie along the rope.

Or even buy arrows for luck.

Another fruit is this Orange/PEar/Grapefruit mix. Tangy taste which is pretty refreshing. The most suprising part is the white part (think of the white part in between the skin and the flesh of an orange) is actually edible. Spongy yummy texture.

This may look plain, but it was very good.

Porridge with mochii!
Miyazaki is actually a pretty nice place. Great way to end the holiday.