Thursday, 29 November 2007

More Leaves, More Xmas

Walking along the road to the training center and decided to take a few pictures, might be the last few photos for autumn leaves.

My favourite picture of the day, but still like the one on the tiles.
Interesting colour changes in the leaves.

And me...

Really wished there were light from the sun, the leaves did not turn out well.

Some other pictures from Kawasaki. Really nice feel to the place right now.

Monday, 26 November 2007

Ramen and more

I went to a ramen place at Kawasaki called 一欄, which serves a mean bowl of ramen. I really great forgetting to pack my camera into my bag as I had to resort to the hp camera which too is my friend's cause I forgot to charge the phone. That is why you don't get a close up of it, but the broth is heavenly. Notice the interesting part of this place is that there is a barrier between each customer. I read about it before when I was back in Singapore and did not expect to be found actually. The boss believes their ramen is so good, you just have to concentrate on it only - or is it the other way round? So you go to a ticket machine and decide what do you want, there is no choice actually, one type of ramen and you get to decide what other ingredients you want to add. Pass the tickets to this little opening at your booth (you cannot see the server's face too) and along with a peice of paper to decide other options like amout of chilli, noodles, spring onions etc. You can ask for additional noodles using the chopsticks wrapper too.

Notice I am wearing a Skeleton glove that my friend bought. Amusing eh.

Here is a banana ice cream....
Actually I thought the most amusing was not the shape, but the stick which came along with it - it was bent too.

I tried the cold green tea soba the other day, and thought it really is yummy. Also a day without my camera, but at least I did not have to hitch a photo on my friend's phone.

Friday, 23 November 2007

It seems it has finally come

The weather is finally turning cold pretty fast. Averaging at 11 deg highest and 5 deg lowest; they even predict that this winter will be harsh around early Feb.

The autumn leaves are falling too; marking the end of one beautiful season. Too bad Tokyo does not see snowfall. Even if it does, probably 2-3 times. But the weather plus all the Christmas decorations really puts you in the mood.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Remembering, Contemplating

Around this time last year I thought my world crumbled. I thought I made the greatest mistake in my life. So many 'I should have' and so many 'I will change', but to no avail. I sucked it all up and took the fall; Everything. Even when circumstances showed a different light.

But I learned it was not over. I survived be it what methods I took.
I changed, learning to never to take the same path again.

Even that did not change things.
It happened; again. Abeit a little different, but still the same.

And I finally let go; really come to terms with myself.

"Somewhere In The Middle"

I was out the other day
and I saw you in your big black car
and I was waving as you were passing
cause I know who you are
you had this look that of an angel
it was such a bad disguise
did you think for second I would not realize

tripping hard falling down onto the ground
cause I can't stand up
and I can't fall down
cause I'm somewhere in the middle of this

I was out the other night
and I saw you so we had a fight
it was late and I was lonely
and its such a long way home
so I asked you if you'd join me
for a single last call drink
so you turned and bought us 2
and you didn't even blink
you had this look that of an angel
it was such a bad disguise
when you drink it makes you angry
when I drink I want you more and more and more

tripping hard falling down onto the ground
cause I can't stand up
and I can't fall down
and I'm somewhere in the middle of this

well I find it hard
I always tried to find the sane life
but I don't like the way things are
and I keep falling to my knees
somewhere in the middle of this

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Self Indulgence

Someone commented my pictures are almost never me or I am in a suit. So I decided to upload what a pic of me when I go out in during weekends. Here is a picture of me before I leave for some sightseeing today. I got that Grey shirt for abt $25, quite a steal eh.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Imperial Castle

This is near JR Tokyo Station. You can't go into the castle, but surrounding it really has very nice scenary. And the autumn leaves do help to make the mood better. It has been some time since I see people sitting on the grass and enjoying the view and relaxing.