Saturday, 31 May 2008

Old and New Aircon

Check out the old aircon...looks like a space ship. I dont even dare to use it.

And the new one...spanking new air con! Whoo hoo

Stop and Stare

Somehow this song hit me only now, even though I heard it like million of times.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Other things

The maid cafe pamplets we received. I wonder which one will I visit.

More flavoured chocs.!

Cheap beer made to taste ALMOST like the real.

I am trying to pose like the advertisements.

snacking, chatting, using the comp

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Akihabara with Gab - The OTAKU

We started the day a little late with some Pancakes. And of course, Gab cooks since his into such things.

And I got him to teach me how to make scrambled eggs properly.

Deciding that the weather will be fine, we decided to head to Akihabara to see the maddness. On alighting, there was a vending machine selling canned Soba (noodles). From what I heard, Canned food is something the hard core Otakus (Geeks) eat.

And Gab was so excited when he saw the maid cafe poster that he had to take this picture. His a true blue Otaku at heart.

Gab snapped this picture thinking she was part of the Akihabara maddness, but she was just a normal girl who so happen to look into his camera. I think Gab is lying.
Maids at work

Otakus at their so called shopping and leisure

Gab is back home!!!!

Marimo is algae which is round, and the Japanese made a toy out of it (hence the round face). But check out the belly button thing (which is not a belly button). They have toys where you can pull it and the dolls vibrate. The Red circles are actually bottle drinks for guys. Hmmm... I wonder why!

More canned food! This was sold at a building with like 5 Stories of pure anime and manga stuff. And they even have anime porn.

I want to try some canned oden with Maid pics on it.

Ermm....something to bring home?
You can see how uncomfortable I was. hehehe

I look happy, but I was damn embarressed!

Akihabara - Land of Gadgets and of course Maids.
Gabriel Loves it there...I can tell!

Day 2: Side Trip of Tokyo

Since Gab will be here for some time and his friends and him will be going to popular places together, I decided to take him to places that is less travelled. First up is Yokohama, Motomachi. A place which looks unlike any part of Japan. Very upscale and has a Foreign feel to it.

They even got girls to be the road attendents

Along the way, we went into a park where we say many flowers booming.

Thorn among the roses.

Overlooking the Yokohama Bridge.
And we met some pretty 'gals' too. We even saw them posing very ladylike and sneezing so gently that most gals will lose to them.

Chow chow

And then we went to Chinatown. The place was packed with Japanese buying Pao (meat bun) and tons of free Chestnuts.

YOU TIAO!!!!!!!!

We dropped by Sakuragicho and ate the best Ramen. Walked ard there and finally ended the day at Kawasaki.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Flavoured Milk the other way round

Not sure if you all tried this. But this is god sent to me as I am not a big fresh milk fan and in Japan that is the only option. My good pal got me this to tide me over my calcium deficiency. This straw has flavoured seeds in the straw itself to ensure a delicious cup (or 2) of milk.

But even when I am enjoying the milk, you cannot pull me away from the computer.

The coming of the Man

My buddy came from Singapore. It was a MAD rush for the last train and with that 20kg bag, I would assume it was no easy feat.

It was the last train, so late that it was about 1.40am and I was already getting ready for bed. And thus the unglam state I am in. This is the first time I stepped out in public looking like I am going to kopitiam.
And my bud also brought along some carepackages from Spore. hehehe....

There is really nothing much around my area as the flowers have started to fall. But I brought him to one of the best Shabu Shabu places in Tokyo.

Check that out....
Together with host number 2 from Taiwan.
And we went for some batting practice and walk around after dinner

It has been some time since I hung out with him and the feeling is still good. Feel like its back home