Sunday, 31 August 2008


This has to happen when I am really really low on funds. Talk about burning a hole in my poket, my wallet really has a hole where the cash is leaking out. It has disintegrated! ARghh!!! I am going to sew it up to tide me till I find one which I like.


NEVER fail to amaze me

Almost died

Today I almost died.

Not from the overload of alcohol and food.
But from the first look at the credit card bills.
I went on long tour in Kyushu, summer sonic and all the theme parks. Most of the bills came this month and the damage was 1500 Sing Dollars. And that is withouth the additional montly expenses. Which equates to I have no savings this month. ZLICH!!!!!!!

It just keeps getting worst!

Saturday, 30 August 2008



Why cant you understand?!?!?!?!?!



ok....sorry for that. I needed an outlet.
Though it is really not enough

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Dinner on steriods

My Japanese Friends from the Dive trip had a meetup session near my place and I decided to go along even though I was pretty much broke. The place is known for the amount of food for the rice bowl.

I decided to go for the Tempura Anago (similar to Unagi / eel). When it first came, I was like WOW, that is one huge ass fish but I think I can finish it. I did, but I almost died trying (Even when I ate close to nothing the whole day). Infact, everyone struggled to finish it. And the average price is abt 1000yen (abt $13). Lucky I did not order the set menu. Oh ya, the food is pretty darn good too. Will go back again if I am nearby there.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Little finds and...

Recently I got a pair of Vans Slippers as it was cheaper then Havaianas (abt $18 bucks), but look what I found at Ueno....a pair of Brown Havainas for about $13. I just bought it without much care for the fact that I have already overspent.

I found this Watermelon kitkat some time ago and finally bought it. Pretty nice!

And...I am asking for donations to my funds. I spent so much this few months including inflated prices to Summer Sonic, buying something only to find out I have to sell it (at a lower price), tons of other expenditure which I did not require but was necessary at that time. Travelling in Japan is not that cheap. So, the rich friends I know...please donate! Plus I need a new digicam cause mine seemed to be in a bad shape.

The aftermath of 2 weeks

2 weeks touring Japan and bring J really sapped me out, been really tired these few days. I need a rest, I need another holiday. Probably a solo trip or a backpacking trip or a dive. I need to recharge!

I learnt alot from this trip. Besides the fact that I definately have to cater the trip to someone more suited for it, I learnt so much more about myself. From the long rides, to the journey, to the very action of just walking on, I seemed to find out alittle more about Ansley.

Who am I.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Disney Sea

I did not know Disney Sea existed and since J was all for it, we made a trip there to see if it was good. The Disney Monorail was very happy with the Mickey Windows and handles.

And Mickey of course

It is the 25th Anniversary for Disney Tokyo and there were many special parades and celebrations. There were even special water parades and shows to cool you off in the summer heat.

Futuristic looking area which I did not cover. I missed out on the Tower of Terror too as the place is much bigger then DisneyLand and the crowd was insane.

Aladdine and Simbad is situated here.

Little mermaid and friends. They built a whole indoor island for the kids. I will want to bring my nieces here.

The 20000 League under the Sea ride was awesome (probably cause I like diving). Journey to the center of the earth was a mad wait of 2hours.

We got this spray with fan thing to tide us over the heat.

Indiana jones ride was the best.
Old school ride

I loved the Jelly icecream in Disney HK, but could not find it over here in Tokyo. But they had sea salt icecream which rocks.

Once again we reached back too tired and too late. And we had instant food while J woofed down Macs again. In Japan, they have their version of cocktails, and this is one of the nicer tasting one.

Milk Curry Instant noodle...yum yum

Disney Land

I finally manage to make it to Disney Land as J is a thrill seeker and wants to catch the rides. Somehow I am not that kind of Disney Land person, I am there only for pictures and happy time and the rides are secondary to me.

Disney Hotel looks good

Pooh Ride was actually pretty fun!

Not many photos taken as the heat got to us and we spend ton of time waiting in line for rides.


I finally made it to Shibuya 109 since it was a building filled with girls stuff. J who does not shop often (or that is what she says), spent money on every floor. Somehow I dont really trust what she said, even when she has lesser shoes and bags then me.

I saw this kickass shoe there. It was so fierce that I had to take a picture of it. And J looked pretty scary in it.

Random Izakaya which was normal only, though it looked pretty good.