Saturday, 31 October 2009

Superhero Duties

My cousin decided we should go in Superhero outfits to get the bride. I think the idea was to get us in tights so the gals will not shave out legs.

The audacity to mess with the Batman costume by sticking the Double Happiness on the fake abs
And guess who is SPIDERMAN

Family Pics at the Wedding Dinner

Being the tourist in Singapore, I tried to snap pictures with everyone that is part of the family.

Baby Ian...probably will grow up to be a good soccer player like his dad.

Princess Ana

Lai Family

Hoon Family



Grandma and extended family

Mum and aunt

Yeo and Junior and Ian

Uncle Woot

Jang Fam

Princesses and Jeremy

Wedding of Yehan & Li xin

It all starts with a cup of tea

Let us smile like them

Gifts - representation of the traditions

You are on the camera

A moment...captured

The father

Paying respects

Important job

Light the way to the future

Forever and ever

Adding colours to all the red

Stick them everywhere

The process

Hanging on

World's Happiest man


The Welcome Set


"Damn I look good with a Pink tie"


Waiting for my turn to shine

Patiently waiting

The Process


The ring bounding out faith together

My turn yet?

Shining moment

The walk down the carpet

Hand in Hand - Forever

From All...

To You Both

Mirror Mirror on the wall...