Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Meet ups

The global gang met up for a short training session and of course we headed off for more drinks are that.

My Police friend from NS days came over the Tokyo for work and we met up after many years. He literally went nuts shopping.

Gorilla Macho

Joined the Volleyball Competition by the Union. We managed 4th which is not bad for a team who only trained 2-3 times. Well, the main goal is actually to go drink after the games and training.

By the way, we are called Gorilla Macho!

More food

They take a raw squid and just flatten in with two hot plates to create this sanbe

I forgot what this is called. My name for it is Giant Edamame. Pretty yummy

Shiso is this minty leave that you find often with sushi. They decided to incorporate it into Pepsi. Being the sucker I am, I bought it. It tasted like mouthwash.

I am a big fan of vinegar. I cannot resist buying this (actually it is just an excuse to buy my daily chips).

Milk Pudding version

The one on the left is pretty smooth limited edition beer, which I have decided to stop drinking (any forms of alcohol) in my room. On the right we have the Coke with green tea. Coke got it right, cause it tasted like coke only you feel healthier.

Soda Kitkat....it was ok, well that is because I finished the whole packet in one night.

Careful of earthquakes

One of the safety helmets. I like the old logo, but they thought the T looks like J.

I see with my....

Imagine a Restaurant called SAMURAI and when you entered the place, EVERYWHERE has pictures of SMAP (Boyband). How manly can that be?

It says to take off your tie and watch for a tastier drink, but not too much (Underwear)

How can you trust the doctor if the clinic's name is BLUFF!?!?!?!?!?

The words tells you not to paste anything, and guess what...someone did

Somewhere called Yokohama

So which is the apple of the eye

Infra me

Where the bees go

The window of opportunity

Open the door

Ride with me?

Yes I will

Power me up

Handle with care

The arch

Mesmerize me

Say Cheese

Flutter with me


Italian Infra

Fly away

Who made the hole

The foundation

Black juice

Scrap me please

How did it get up there

Belongings on the bike

Hanging by a thread

I need some water

I am watching

Mother's pride



Am I cool or not

Lend me your shoulder

Tools of trade

Bubble bubble

Finally, a rest

Off to sea

Transport of the past

Bend, stretch, turn

Light me up

Lock and loaded

Line me up

Hand in Hand

Follow me

Where is Jack

Seeing double

Angles everywhere

Patch me up

Colour the sky

Line me up

I'm a cool dad

Chinatown in every town