Sunday, 30 August 2009

Toshiba Baseball

Most of the companies have sports team. From what I know, Toshiba supports basketball, baseball and rugby. I got half a day off to go cheer the team on. We had a chartered bus to bring us back and forth, bento was even provided for us.

My mentor and me went and was pretty shocked at the queue that was formed outside Tokyo Dome. It took us an hour before we got in.

Trying to catch the player stealing a base.

Mascots Para-chan and friend. Kuma from Softbank phones.

Cheerleaders held up signs so we know how to cheer

Beer ladies in shorts

GO GO GO!!!!

The also provided us a towel which had all name of all the three sports team we had

We won the match!

Someone is enjoying

Reading under the sun, on a boat....that is life

Somewhere called Hachioji