Saturday, 28 February 2009

There is limit

There is limit to how much one can bitch.
If you cannot take it, get out.
If you do not learn, get out.
If you want pity, get out.

I can tell you once, twice and maybe even three times.
Anymore, please get out.

Stop bitching, learn and grow up.

know the market, know the game

I am not suprised by the thick heads.

I am not trying to side the country just because I work there, infact I still cannot really figure the market out. But the simple facts are, you have to cater to the market. That is the basic business knowledge.

Oh grow up people.

Wow, best job in the world

The top bankers say that you have to pay the them good, provide them with big bonus because of the results they produce. Fine...I agree with that.

When the shit drops, when the situation collapses because of your inability (Yes, you are paid to do that)...and what? You say you need the bonus so that you dont get headhunted.


Thursday, 26 February 2009

Maybe she is psychic

I called back yesterday and found my mum in the car with my nieces and my sister. Mum does not call me by my name, usually it is "Boy". But Ana immediately said "I want to talk to Uncle Ansley" Hmmmm...I wonder how she knew? Psychic? Or she knows I am actually called "Ah boy". hahaha!

Hit up the link from my sis

And that darling asked me to buy Barbie dolls for her. Is she already at that age? I suggested to my sis that Ana should start playing with the computer. I offered my laptop since I have no use of it, but it needs Alphabet stickers as most of the prints are coming off. I even suggested we can teach them how to do basic programming.

Anyone for "HELLO WORLD from Ana" ???

Food glorious food

It reads chocolate banana. But the taste was a little weak for my liking.

I must say this is one of my favourite flavours of kitkat.

I love sweet potatoes. In Singapore, my mum will have sugar on the side. But here, it is just eaten like that. I look forward to this every winter and cannot resist buying it if I see it.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Snowboarding at Naeba

I made plans to go snowboarding/skiing with my collegues. Was so excited I woke up at 3am. We left my hostel at 4.30am. Arrived the rest stop early enough for me to think we will be the only ones there, but the whole place was already packed with people.

This is a famous Katsu sandwich which was delicious. Thick juicy meat with nice sweet sauce.
The drive there slowly brought about snowfall, and blanket of whites surrounded us. Finally, it was like a snow storm out there. There were times we could not see the road. So much so we actually sat in the car and wondered if it was possible to ski at all.

Oh no, we are not travelling 3 hours on the car and not going to do some skiing/boarding.


The course is huge, bigger then any I have seen. So much longer and so much more people. The falling snow actually covered the top, so much so I could not see the highest of the moutain.

And the sun came to brighten up the day

I am a ninja! My fellow ninja is also a newbie in the department.

Jap fren trying some Chinese Gongfu. Oh ya, his good at skiing.

Driver of the trip in Red, he is a very good skier. He could do turns with one leg.

I refuse to take off the googles because the sun was too glaring. Yeah, I am that anal when it comes to my eyesight. That brought about Panda tan marks around my eyes. Oh well, it means my googles rocks!

I rented the board and boots, no money to buy one. But thinking abt it, I should have gotten one right at the start. I have gone enough times to make it about worth it.

And now for the skiing action............

I try to look cool.

Sliding left and right

Happy with my performance
Even jumping

Dancing on the board.

But actually this is only my 5th time. So there were a lot of this..........KABISH!!!!!!
I just learned from my Japanese friends that after onsen, you must drink coffee with milk or milk. And most of the time, it comes in a glass bottle.

Dinner was at this big Japanese hall.
Apple beer (tasted like Champagne), and Monkey beer (Strong fruity taste, like Pale Ale)

Nice dinner but I had to wait for it to cook. I was tired, hungry, and very relaxed after a long day....staring at it cook was a torture I tell u.
The trip was fun. The courses were long and had nice fluffy snow. Company was great and we had DVDs in the car which entertained us along the way. Big thanks to the driver, Gungfu dude for finding the place and my fellow newbie in the dept for the DVDs. What did I do? I made them laugh with my falls and crappy japanese.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Hello and fairwell

This is a little dated, but here are some of the Hello and Fairwell pictures.

My family came to pick me up at Airport with the little princesses. Aly obviously dont recongnise me

Actually both of them were very shy when they first met me. Probably cannot really remember me.

My buddy Gabriel came too.

The Goodbye dinner.
Dane looking lovely as always

Aly....too preoccupied with the food I think.

Ana is a camwhore! haha

I am waiting for my angpows!!!

Winter Hokkaido Part 6 - The last leg

We visited 雪印 which makes the milk, cheese etc in Hokkaido.

They have a temple for the special drink which is famous in Hokkaido

The carton drink is only in sale in Hokkaido and recently in the states near hokkaido
Getting rid of the snow.
Sapporo Beer Museum

Squid Ice cream. Did not dare to try. I ate the caramel ice cream which was damn good. Not the usual really sweet caramel, a little bitterness and the sweetness.

Moutain of snow. I was tempted to climb up, but there was a warning that it was dangerous

Cute signs!
Notice the star? It is a mark of hokkaido. Only 3 places have that star, the clock tower, the red building above and the beer

More cute signs

Check out the amout of charsiew

Sodo which is also limted edition to Hokkaido.

This cheese is supposed to be really good. And the shop selling it is the one I mentioned, 花畑牧. Check out the queue.....

We decide to go eat some desserts.

This is the challenge cup

But I did not take the challenge! I admit, I lose

This Winter Hokkaido was a 3 days 2 nights of extravagent spending which was decided late night and settled in like an hour. I am pretty much wiped out! haha! Big Thanks to Sky for the company and most of the planning.