Wednesday, 17 December 2008

And so the story goes

More food finds, Mikan (Mandarin Oranges) Pockey. I dont look out for it because I always find the biscuit tastes overwhelming. But this was actually pretty good.

Cookies Kit kat. Nothing special I think, but since I already started the kit kat thing; it is only right to continue.

And after all the eating, drink some healthy tea. It is suppose to be known to get rid of the oil, fats from the body. Not too sure how true is it. Im planning to bring it back, but right now, I am hoping there is some weight allowance left.

Forgetting the Year Party

忘年会 literally translate to a party to forget the year, put the past behind and is a just another chance to drink. WOO HOOO!!!!

Usually it is just normal drinking but somehow the end of the year and xmas brings about a whole new level. The big boss suggested indirectly to do something special, especially for the people who are for less then 5 years. Which also basically means DO IT!

So we had to gather at the last minute after work to discuss about it. Due to the lack of time, we ended up........................................

Being Santa!

I am not sexual harassing anyone, that female santa is actually a guy. We played scissors paper stone to decide the lucky few. hahaha!

They even POMPOM him with the shiny sparkling dots.

Here are my mentors.

The guy 2nd from the left is my Boss.

We played Bingo and of course the best dressed does the turning.

Few more "winners"

The newbies in the department.
The guy in the cape is some Xmas character...I think.

Oh all people..

Of all people, they got me to do a write up for the employment page which is made for the Japanese, not the global people. I had to write in simple english and then translate it to Japanese.

Click here to laugh. Cause I SURE DID!!!!

Oh by the way, my workspace has changed from the above link. Check it out.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Snowboarding at Gunma

My 2nd time Snowboarding at Kawaba in Gunma. My friend, Jet, planned everything for the new batch of employees. I had to wake up really early, took the 4.45am train to reach Shinjuku to catch the bus. But it is ALL WORTH IT. Snowboarding rocks.

The season has not actually started, but man made snow with random snow make it possible to snowboard. And the new boarders dont know the difference. (Only after they fall, hurhurhur)

The saddest part of this trip is.....I LOST MY BEANIE. It took me a long time (and cost quite a lot) for that beanie. Two layers with purple lining. Sigh....

I am actually improving, looking a little cooler. If I have cash, I will definately get my own set. I think it costs about 100000 yen though.

I found this really old school poster.

We ended up at an old school onsen and some dinner. Onsen rocks, it felt even better after the snowboarding.
I am pretty much bumbed up. landed hard on my ass trying something way ahead of my time. I almost cried cycling back. But I am looking forward to the next trip.

Yeah yeah....more food

Some Premium beer which is a 限定. hahaha!
Kit kat, has a bitter citius taste which is pretty good once u get use to it.

Packing all the vege goodness into a pack. Yummy and healthy.

Yes I am a sucker.

Department Volleyball Competition

My department held a Volleyball Competiton and I was asked to take part (It is a newbie thing). My experience with volleyball is in Primary school, where a decent serve should be able to win half the points and the ability to push the ball over (not even spike). Apparently lots of people like to play volleyball in Japan as most of them knows how to play the game pretty well.

My team got 3rd, down 2 spots. It is a big drop; which the department people took it pretty badly. They held a 反省会, which means a reflection meeting. And I thought it was a meeting to review what happened, how to improve. Then I realised it was actually a drinking session. Hmmm...sounds like just an excuse to drink. Haha, but we had fun, 4.5hours of drinking.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

December is DANGEROUS

In anticipation of the drinks with Pam, I told myself I shall not drink till I reach back Singapore. 1 day, from 3 drinking sessions (飲み会), it increased to 7 and all in the span of 2 weeks.

Tell me how to not drink?

Oh, a little education about why. December is where they have 忘年会, like a party to usher in the new year. And everyone does it, from companies to schools, to your clubs in schools and even your different group of friends.

I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink. I shall not drink.


Thursday, 27 November 2008

More food

There are nothing else to do after 1 year here. So all I do is gorge! And yeah, I am growing fat!

Nothing special to me, but in Japan this is different. I prefer the Milk Seafood though.

This came at a bargin, one for like 40yen. Just wanted to try a milk yougart.

And if you are wondering why all the milk, cause I dont really like to drink fresh milk (They dont have flavoured milks). So only milk chocolates, cheese and milk ice cream.

It is here....

Check out the Limited Edition watches I got today! Astro Boy and Speed Racer designs...

Pretty expensive. Cost a few hundred bucks.

Oh by the way, did I tell you those are not mine. I cant afford such luxury.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Come and go

Autumn came and gone without me noticing.
I forgotten how beautiful the colours were.
Neglected to take a step back to see the beauty.

I think I have lost the believe in everything.
Like a walking dead, I just let time go by.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The snacks from Japan

限定 means Limited Edition. And this is what Japan snacks/drinks is all about. They have editions for almost every season.

Beers for the season.

Pepsi Yougart flavour. I have no idea how to describe the taste of it, but drinkable. And Pepsi in Milky White is just so different.

Apparently this is out last winter. And this Winter too. Not that bad, but I was expecting more as the pictures lured me (something not very difficult)

And last but not least, Seasonal Fruits. Pear is actually an early autumn fruit, but it is still tasty. Check this one out - as BIG as my fist. And it is sweet, juicy and a tinge of alcohol taste. Nice!!!
Oh ya, it is winter already in Tokyo. Averaging at 8 deg at night. Brrrrr

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Cool designs

Cool Webpage by Toshiba.

I am not trying to promote anything, but I just thought the webpage is pretty nice. Play around with it and try to see how much work the people behind it (not me) put it.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

My growing addictions and a little test

And so it seems I am a sucker for marketing gimmicks. With all the different limited flavours which comes and goes (usually depending on the seasons), how can you not right?

From Vitamin Coke to flavoured coffees.

Japan Kit Kat
I went a step further, I went to research on Kit kat in Japan! Seems there are alot more I have not tried.

And recently, I bought DARS. It has this temperature sticker which tells you if your chocs are stiff hard (below 19deg), just right(ard 22deg) or soft(abv 25deg)
I bought the milk, white and dark flavours and conducted a "scientific" test. Standing outside in the 10deg weather, I watited for the weather to change the colour of the stickers before I ate the chocs. To nuetralise the taste test, between each type of flavour, I drank some tasting Vegetable Juice Liquor (seems healthy to me).
I proceeded to my room and conducted the 22deg taste test. Had to resort to using my jacket to bring the temp up. And then I placed DARS beside the heater to get it to above 25deg.

Results of the taste test.... I think the veg liquor is pretty drinkable. haha! Makes you feel good drinking alcohol.
DARS test proof to be pretty good from my point of view. I like the white chocolate best and it is pretty cheap, abt 100yen. It seems to melt at a nice rate in my mouth.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Drinks in Japan

Ginger Beer, literally. And sad to say, it was not too good

7% Alcohol Beer. But its the fake cheap beer, so not that tasty.

3G Sprite. Green Tea Caffeine, Glucose, Gurana. Taste the same to me!

One thing about Japan is the different amount of drinks they have and it keeps changing every season. And it makes suckers like me buy. DAmn you effective marketing, damn you! But it is pretty interesting to have menthol coffee, yougurt pepsi and I even heard there was a time they have cucumber flavoured pepsi.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008


I sat down after planning 50% of my solitary backpack trip in Japan. The one I have been meaning to do for sanity reasons. The one where I walk and reflect, be emo and all.

Not even planning to, not knowing why, I searched for the tickets to Singapore. I bulked at the price, further solidifying my decision to go back on Chinese New Year instead.

Something tugged me, unknow reasons floating in my head.
I sent an email to my sis and asked if I should fly back, but alas - it was a public holiday; no reply.

I was up early today. I searched and the price going against the current market situation, went up further up.

I clicked 'submit'.

"Why do you pay so much?", someone asked and many more will.
Was it home sick? No

Can you put a monetary value to family? No.

And that is why like the song goes.....
"I will be home for Christmas...."

Saturday, 18 October 2008


I was looking for my sports shop to get some racket grips and actually got lost. Found this shop selling bread called Sunmerry. They have a fire baked oven to toast the bread. And I am a sucker for such things. Hahaha.

Sweet Potato bread....

Mustard french loaf which was nicely done! Will be going back for more!

On a side note, I finally got some tennis action with the people from my workplace. Really nice to be back hitting. Almost forgot the feeling after 2months of no tennis. Hope there is more.

The Kit Kat continues

Red bean Kit Kat...the story continues.

Ah boy terrorises Tokyo

Another friend from my Police days came to Tokyo and I met him for dinner. Ah Boy (Yap)...dont think he looks like a sweet little kid, but I bet he terrorised tokyo. He even stayed at Shinjuku, where all the Touch clubs, host clubs, strip joints are. He sure knows how to enjoy.

The next Generation

Ian Yeo, my first newphew

The Lai Sisters - Ana, Dane, Aly, my neices.

Boy do I miss them!