Monday, 27 July 2009

Somewhere called Odaiba

Space Ship

Lego in Motion

Join them up

Clench to punch

Joints for motion

The world at my palms


Shoulder block


Caution, do not forget the screws



The awe

Beam me up

The eclipse

Two icons together

Motion and Stillness

I am coming

Power up



Backpack booster


Boom Boom

The start

Before the flight

Watching over

Sunday, 26 July 2009

"Camping" in 戸隠

8 of us in a huge car, all the way traffic jam till Nagano. At least the ride was filled with snacks and drinks.

Camp site. The cottage was like a small box. I was expecting a little more, but then again we are going for a camp. And the place was filled with bugs and ants! Shower was 200yen for 5mins of hot water. Truly brought me back to Army.


This is how we drink!

Tribute to Michael Jackson

As big as my palm

The more alcohol, the more weird stuff you will do

How do I look in specs?

The peaceful morning....

The works of nature

See that bug?

I thought this picture if very cool, almost like a wood fairy walking around the forest

It shows SOBA Ice cream (Soba as in the noodles). It really tasted pretty good with the soba taste.

The place is famous of Ninja and Soba....and so, they decided to make NINJA SOBA!

Japanese love to read fortune telling stuff. Especially when they go to the temples, it is almost 99% they will get it.