Thursday, 31 July 2008

Happy Birthday Alysia

Happy Birthday to the "only child", or so she likes to think she is. Uncle can count how many minutes he carried you. Wish I could be there for you birthday, to see you blow the candles and eat the cake.

1 year old and many more to come....

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Drinking...again - Global Mix

My Japanese Friends wanted to meet more English speaking people, so I gathered an Indo Guy and Taiwan chap for dinner. Dinner was Yakiniku....and drinks of course.

After dinner, we went round two. Some drinks and snacks.

Or rather more drinks. First time doing shots in Japan.

Newbie learning how to do a shot

And the loser of the Japanese Kyoto version of Scissors paper stone....
Drinks of course!!!!

Or you could always order a cute drink to cool down, no pressure at all. (Check out the back ground gal, she is actually pretty cute)

More pictures from my Dive trip

I got the pictures from my friend's camera, so here goes.

Me and my Japanese Train Lunchbox (Eki Bento)

The cave which is 13deg while the outside world is 30deg.

The awesome dinner I had.

Coupled with the awesome breakfast!

Posed with empty bottles.

Summer Activities in Japan

At the peak of the heat, the Japanese will all gather at the beach to soak in the sun with their tents. It can get so crowded, the whole beach area is filled with umbrellas and tents. The good part is you get to see the babes in their bikinis and the hunks in their trunks.

And as if the heat is not bad enough, the Japanese also hold BBQ over the summer. It is so common that you may have to reserve places to hold this party. BBQ is usually done beside the river to keep cool. Of course other then BBQ, there is the beer. I went to a BBQ today with my dormitory people. No pictures as I forgot to bring my camera. I spent my time helping to cook and drink the beer to keep cool.

Fireworks Festival (花火大会) is very popular in summer. Japanese Fireworks differ from what we have, theirs is mainly rounded. But they still come up with pretty interesting display. The custom is for the people to dress in traditional Yukata and gather to watch this show. In my opinion, it is just another excuse to gather, drink alcohol and eat.

During Summer, all over Japan, Hanabi Festival is held and the amount of fireworks differ from places to places. Today I went to 国営昭和記念公園花火大会 after the BBQ to check out the fireworks. It is stated that there were abt 5000 fireworks and the display lasted for AN HOUR. It was so long, I felt drowsy midway. Imagine the more popular fireworks festival has about 20000 fireworks. I heard it last for more then 2hours. That is insane!

Check out the number of people, and that is only one part of the park.

Girls in their Yukata

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Drinking Sessions with my Camp Members

My camp (training) team members meet up about once a month. And so we have the usual set dinner with free flow of drinks. Since I paid, I must as well drink right? Anyway, here are some pictures over the last few months.

Foot injury

On the way to the 7/11, I slipped while cycling. The slipper came off, my foot was scraping the floor and it got into a position I did not think it was possible.

The foot actually has blue black here and there.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Diving at 大瀬崎

Me and the Japanese dudes who so kindly spoke to me in English as and when they can. Thank god diving is all hand signals.

Back to the feels so good.

The hotel I stay is a traditional Japanese Ryokan. The entrance looks pretty grand!

Of course there must be a little drinking with snacks. The round ones are called Onsen Manju, made from the steam of Onsen!

I have an idea....PING PING PING